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Sexy WordPress Themes

Sexy WordPress Themes Yopta, WordPress Creative Portfolio Theme

Sexy WordPress Themes Yopta, WordPress Creative Portfolio Theme

Yopta WordPress Photographer Freelancer and Designer Theme

Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, a model, or any type of freelancer, you’ll want a website theme that’s professional yet creative at the same time. The Yopta WordPress theme offers five different portfolio versions which includes two columns, three columns, four columns, mosaic, and masonry. You also get custom widgets, personalized background options, and tailored logo designs so you can be sure that you site is far from generic. Yopta also comes with a cool Parallax effect and a chic Member’s Area. The purpose of the portfolio is to showcase your work to the world. This is why this theme allows you to display huge high quality images. Yopta has a responsive design so it doesn’t matter whether potential employers are viewing your photos or artwork through their PCs or their laptops or their mobile phones. Your content is guaranteed to look good.

Yopta allows you to make a comprehensive list of the services that you offer and lets you feature your best deals as well. It enables you to categorize your work so would-be clients can focus on what you’re selling without getting turned off or distracted by the “creative clutter.” Intrigue your followers and future clients with regular posts using the blog section. This way, you can show them that there’s more to you than just the product that you’re marketing. You’ll naturally want people outside WordPress to hear about you and your work. Yopta helps make your brand more social by allowing you to connect it with your social media pages. Moreover, Yopta directs your blog visitors to related projects so if they like what they see, they’ll know where to find your other masterpieces as well. After showing off your skills to potential employers, you’ll want them to be able to contact you easily. Yopta’s AJAX form provides virtual visitors with an easy means of sending in their inquiries and then allows you to respond promptly. This way, you can be sure that no important job opportunity passes you by.

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