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Sexy WordPress Themes

Sexy WordPress Themes Total WordPress Multipurpose, eCommerce, Premium Theme

Sexy WordPress Themes Total WordPress Multipurpose, eCommerce, Premium Theme

Okay, this is it, this is one of my favorite WordPress themes.  This, is Total.  This theme is so well respected, one of the biggest and best theme review websites, Colorlib, uses a highly modified version of this Total WordPress theme.  If you’re looking for a premium WordPress theme, this one should be high on your list of themes to consider.

With over 34,000 buyers and a nearly 4.9 rating on ThemeForest, this theme is among the most popular on the web.  It’s a beautiful and feature-rich theme, it’s flexible and powerful, clean and modern.  Total uses a drag and drop page builder to allow for all the flexibility you could possibly imagine.  This theme remains very easy to use though, so a responsive theme like Total is a crazy-good solution to a lot of problems.  Hey, 34k buyers who’ve loved this theme can’t all be wrong.

Total WordPress Multipurpose, eCommerce, Premium Theme

That’s a strong looking theme, clean and minimal, corporate and detailed.

Here are a couple of the thousands of positive reviews of the Total WordPress theme.

Of all the themes I have used for client sites, Total, by far, offers the greatest flexibility. I have yet to run across an instance where I couldn’t do something just because the theme kept me in a box. There are limitless possibilities with Total and I appreciate that. A+ developer and excellent support.

Awesome.  How about one more, just for kicks.

I’ve been using the Total theme for about 4 years now. Before I found Total I was using a different theme for every site I built. Themes just weren’t flexible enough to create vastly different designs, not to mention bugs in the code, yucky support, etc. Total has everything you need. I no longer need a bunch of plugins and it has TONS of features. Completely customizable and superior support. The code is clean and SEO optimized. Do yourself a service and give it a try. Many thanks to AJ for creating this amazing theme. 🙂

I think that’s a really strong commend, this theme has single handedly caused a web developer to lock in on using just one theme.  The guy has abandoned everything he’s ever used for Total.  That’s saying something, for sure.  If you’d like to see more themes like Total, we’ve got a great eCommerce theme collection that could be what you’ve looked for.  In all of our theme collections, you’ll find incredible gems.  We’ve got plenty of amazing themes to choose from and we hope you’ll find something great that looks amazing and has every bit of functionality that your website needs.

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