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Month: December 2019

Sexy WordPress Themes Fore, Creative WordPress Digital Agency Themes

Fore is a fantastic looking magazine theme with a stellar modular design. Fore is a stylish and fresh-looking WordPress theme with a totally unique smile on what makes a great creative theme. Focused mainly on content presentation, small and medium-sized creative businesses, agencies, photography studios or digital production companies are going to absolutely love this template. If you want to website with a trendy look, this theme brings a lot to the table. It’s a beautiful template that was created with King Composer in mind, that makes were very simple and straightforward customization. Even if you’re a new WordPress…

WordPress Themes Business, Creative


Sexy WordPress Themes Overton WordPress Creative Photography Portfolio Theme

Overton is a premium quality WordPress theme for Creative companies and freelance artist who want a wonderful way to present visual content, it’s a platform that perfectly balance images with text. This is very important for Creative agencies and branding companies, not to mention individual designers, who want to project a professional style and really make their projects Stand Out. Overton offers a great platform for your business to market itself in a professional way. In fact, you will be the one doing the marketing, I don’t know why I said it the way that I did.  Here are some more WordPress grid themes to take a look at.

The point is, Overton is a portfolio WordPress theme that seems to have it all. This highly creative portfolio template was designed for just about any type of creative or branding agency. Overton h

Sexy WordPress Themes Kuist, WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

This theme claims to be the only WordPress portfolio theme that allows you to display all of your work at once, keeping photo series together, with a minimalist style. I guess I might have to agree if you add that last caveat of having to have a minimalist style. I have seen plenty of other themes that show dozens or even hundreds of images on one page. But, this theme does appear to be unique in the way it allows you to present content. You’ll be able to add your portfolio with he’s using the included portfolio plugin. That…

WordPress Themes Minimalist, Photography, Portfolio


Sexy WordPress Themes Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

There are a lot of new and exciting options out there if you want to create a WordPress theme with the ability to customize layouts without having to actually code the theme yourself.  Drag and drop themes or page builder themes are what you’re looking for.  Lots of webmasters want a WordPress theme and they want to do-it-themselves, to a certain extent at least.  If you pick a drag and drop theme builder, you get that flexibility.  But how can you tell a front and builder from a back end builder?  Keep in mind, these are page-builders and not theme-builders.  If you select the proper drag-and-drop WordPress theme, you can make sure your website has all the functions, options and design style you want.  Whatever fits your brand.  Drag blocks or elements where you want them, add your content and go for it.  These page builders have lots of widgetized areas, tools and other stuff to make your vision come to life.

All this allows a webmaster to make a theme that h

Sexy WordPress Themes VintClub, Whiskey Club and Pub WordPress Theme

There are an almost infinite number of things that you need to think about when you look to start a bar or restaurant. You may simply imagine the celebrations and fun that can be had at a bar, and think that it’s just as easy as hanging out with your buddies on the weekend. Friends and fun, those things are great, but they take a surprising amount of work. If you want to open up a bar or restaurant, you’ll have to do a lot more than just buy some alcohol and sell it.

Restaurants and bars, particularly whiskey bars or brew pubs, they’re a really tricky investment. You might have a neighborhood bar that the Gathering Spot for folks who live in your neighborhood, or perhaps a sports bar that is dedicated to local, National or International sporting events. Then, you’ve got brew pubs & Brew bars, not to mention specialty bars and nightclubs. There are a million different bars and restaurants out there, each one needs a slightly different set of too

Sexy WordPress Themes High Grove Restaurant Just another WordPress site

Lively Green has made a very popular theme for restaurants and coffee shops and this is it, HG Restaurant.

This is High Grove Restaurant, from Lively Green, with just about 1000 downloads so far and a somewhat low rating of 3.72 stars, it’s a mixed bag for crafting a winning restaurant website.  But that’s okay, a high rating isn’t everything, but it does help.  Let’s have a look at the introduction by LivelyGreen.

Our theme is designed to be si