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Expo Sexy WP Themes


Expo is a minimalist, horizontal scrolling WordPress theme for creative individuals who want a splash page style layout and the skill to highlight their content in style, no matter what type of site content they must offer.  Expo uses the entire width of the page to showcase your images, that produces a really wonderful impact on your readers, because if you select the proper image, it can be a breathtaking effect.  WordPress Business Themes, Small Businesses, Corporate, Entrepreneurs

Expo is a completely open  and responsive theme, which is essentially compulsory in the current marketplace, since responsive WordPress portfolio themes make your content look great on any size device. Yes, responsive templates look amazing on any screen size and any device, which means your readers can access your website on the go from mobile phones or tablet computers, and at home or work with desktop computer or a notebook. Size really doesn’t matter.  You actually must have that flexibility if you want to compete, since Google values responsive themes over non-responsive offerings. Also, you can sell any sort of products on your very own market, because Expo has full integration with the Sell Media plugin and WooCommerce too. Sell Media is not only for photography files, you can also sell PDF files and sound, ensuring they are shielded from theft, allowing you to sell downloads on your website. That is a good business model.  Expo has all the tools you need to make a truly wonderful business and portfolio site.

WordPress Parallax Themes, Smooth Scrolling, One Page and Creative Portfolios

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Immense Sexy WP Themes



If you’re on the hunt for a simple, well crafted and elegant WordPress solution to help show-off your design work, artistry or photography in a completely professional and modern, clean and daring style, Immense could be the exact WordPress theme you have been looking for.  Immense doesn’t let the site’s design overshadow your content, which is the most important part of any portfolio website.  Immense perfectly highlights it, creating a simple, modern and sleek ‘frame’ that makes your work look great, no matter what style of design or artwork you’re into, from graphic design to oil painting to photography, it’ll all look sharp with Immense. A theme like Immense can do wonders for any business, giving you a professional presentation and a highly polished and unforgettable style.  You can easily include slideshows, there are multiple gallery types, even a handful of completely custom widgets, a variety of post formats and so much more, it’ll make your head spin.

Immense is a perfect way to built a gorgeous, unforgettable portfolio with a high degree of confidence that you’ve chosen the proper theme to do the job.  Struck, Bold WordPress Fullscreen Portfolio Theme

Immense looks amazing, no matter what type of internet ready device your readers are using, which is precisely what responsive design is all about.  Immense promises a wonderful user experience for everyone and nobody gets left out, from iPhone and Android users to tablet users and, of course, those using traditional desktop or laptop computers.  GraphPaper Press has taken care to ensure that each and every one of their WordPress themes are perfectly and totally responsive, so that they each look great no matter kind of device your readers access the site with, and the screen resolution is utterly unimportant.  Everything looks incredible.

For any WordPress based website in 2016 and beyond, it’s a basic requirement to offer your readers a website with responsive design.  It’s even more important for a portfolio, since you need the site to be completely responsive, so your photographs, artwork or design work will look professional, dynamic and appealing on every device.  You get all of that with this theme.  Wright Minimalist Video Portfolio and Blog Theme

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Emporia, Simple, Clean, Minimalist Blog Theme for WordPress Sexy WP Themes


Emporia WordPress Theme

Emporia is a deceptively simple looking WordPress blogging theme, offering up a polished, well designed, modern and highly crafted style.   It was designed and built especially for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase and highlight their artwork with as few distractions as possible. That sort of simple, minimalist and modern design is incredibly popular right now, for good reason.  A simple, clean, sleek and modern site design, with clear navigation and no clutter, makes your content seem even more important than it would with a more complex design.  Exactly as it should be, right?  If you’re after a simple WordPress theme that doesn’t scrimp on features and flexibility, Emporia is definitely a template you out to take a hard look at.  Half blog, half portfolio, Emporia walks a fine line, but does it well.  Some blogs won’t work as portfolios and some portfolios simply don’t have an attractive blog ability.  Emporia has both and they’re both really well made.  Having both designs offers you a level of flexibility, so that you can have both aspects to help promote your business.  The simple, but powerful, theme options page handles all the styling choices you might want to make, so you’ll have full control over typography and colors, as well as the background color or image.

GraphPaper Press image galleries for Emporia

Let’s talk about a portfolio theme.  You desire it to be eye catching on every size or type of electronic device, right?  That’s a really important factor when purchasing a WordPress portfolio theme.  Emporia has what you are seeking, a purely, totally responsive layout on every size computer screen, no matter what. This type of attribute is very significant today, some would say it is vital, because websites that display perfectly on every apparatus have a tendency to outrank their competition with similar fixed width websites. Your customers, subscribers and other users will value the fact that it’s responsive when they attempt to get your site on a device like iPhone or an Android.  Any internet enabled computer will show the site as it’s meant to be shown.  Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics account to keep track of your traffic, which can be readily accomplished in the ‘theme options’ panel. In general, if you want a fantastic looking WordPress theme that is not difficult to use and customize, Emporia could be the appropriate selection.

Graphpaper Press Blog Theme called Emporia

Okay, that’s the rundown on GraphPaper Press’ Emporia WordPress theme.  For more GraphPaper Press themes, check out their entire theme collection.

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StoryTeller, Writer’s WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme Sexy WP Themes


demo.graphpaperpress.com-Blog StoryTeller

StoryTeller is here, and it’s ready to tell a story of a beautiful blog, portfolio or business venture with enough flexibility and dynamic features to wow any audience.  It’s a real rags to riches story. And with a name like Storyteller, is it any wonder this is a great theme for writers?

StoryTeller is quite simply, a very beautiful WordPress theme with enough flexibility to excel as a blog or a portfolio, offersing up tons of custom fonts and typography, a handy and powerful live theme customizer, which allows you to engineer a totally custom header, slideshows, footer, widgets and so much more, it’s incredible.  StoryTeller is all about making your content, whether it’s photos, videos, blog posts or something else, the subject of the story.  When you connect with your audience in that way, you can start to built a great brand that will be well liked and respected by your readers and it’ll keep them coming back for more.  The design of this WordPress theme is simple and graceful enough that it’s ideal for nearly any business niche and any end goals you might have.

You’ve got your slide shows, your post formats.  There are unlimited galleries and a whole lot more.  I’ve found GraphPaper Press to be a solid supporter of their themes too.  Oh yeah, we’ve gathered up all of the GraphPaper Press themes here.

When you’re looking for a WordPress portfolio and blogging theme, you should really consider a responsive design like StoryTeller.  StoryTeller, and GraphPaper Press, nows that responsiveness is key to a modern website.  It’s a very important factor, since a typical responsive design looks perfect on any device size. Moreover, responsive themes give a great user experience, every single time, for all of your readers.  That makes folks stay on your site longer and enjoy their experience more.  Those things can help you in the rankings too, since Google uses responsiveness as one of their ranking factors.  If you’re blogging, constructing a portfolio, or building any sort of business, a responsive website is absolutely critical to your success online.

I took the liberty of checking the site load speeds for Storyteller.  Not too shabby, but definitely not the best I’ve ever seen.

gtmetrix.com-Latest Performance Report for https demo.graphpaperpress.com storyteller GTmetrix

Not as bad as Bluto Blutarsky. I mean hey, Ds get degrees, as they say.

So, yeah, we’re revisiting all our old reviews and I think not much has changed.  I still like this theme, though it is a bit dated at this point.  You may find something like the Penelope WordPress theme to be a decent analog for Storyteller.  That or maybe one of our free themes like Quartz or King?

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Awesome, Clear and Highly Navigable Photo Portfolio Theme Sexy WP Themes


Video – Awesome

Simply styled, clear in navigation, powerful and flexible, but simple and subtle, that’s what GraphPaper Press had in mind when they created Awesome, a minimal portfolio and slideshow theme for WordPress. GraphPaper Press is sort of known for their minimalist designs, ones that make the images the absolute focus of every page.  This is definitely not the theme for you if you’re looking for a typography centered theme, this is all about the images.  Awesome will help you showcase your talents, whether you’re an artist, a photographer or a designer, any sort of creative business will benefit from the well thought out design presented in this awesome theme.  The simple design of this theme makes it easy to make a great first impression as your readers see your page for the first time.  The bold, striking images and simple navigation combine to really wow an audience and there’s no reason for them to leave once they get drawn in.

demo.graphpaperpress.com-About – Awesome

Awesome is a fantastic looking responsive theme too, so no matter the kind of computer your users access the site with, it’ll look amazing.  From Androids and iPhones to iPads or Nexus tablets, up to any sort of laptop or desktop computer, they’ll all display your site the precise way you want it to be displayed.  There will be no guessing whether you’re delivering a great user experience, it’ll be guaranteed.  Awesome is very easy to customize, with header and footers easily swapped out.  There’s a simple process to upload your company’s logo and favicon too.  The powerful widgetized areas are ultimately customizable and there’s really no sort of content you can’t add with ease.

For the rest of the GraphPaper Press themes, follow this link.

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Full Frame, Widescreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme Sexy WP Themes


Full Frame is a WordPress theme that really takes advantage of the full width of your reader’s browser, allowing your images to take center stage, capturing the attention of your potential clients and readers. Full Frame showcases big images, big galleries and even videos with ease. That allows you to create a visual story that your viewers will really have a strong connection with and hopefully, it can even help to build your photography business. It’s a tough, competitive market and a well designed theme like Full Frame can help you capture the most of that market.

It’s not really suitable as a blog theme though, I’ve got to admit.  So if you’re looking for a personal blog, check out this collection.

You’ll probably want a theme that is very easy to customize, even for a beginner.  That’s Full Frame and, frankly, any of GraphPaper Press’ themes.  You can add background texture tiles or even a full image, add your custom logo and favicon too.  Then, create your custom menus, add content to the widget areas and throw in some text blocks.  The choice is yours.  You can also choose from several post formats, like images and image galleries or audio and video.  Quotes and links too.  And if you know you need a responsive theme, and for most purposes you really should have a responsive design since they allow you to deliver a wonderful user experience no matter what screen resolution your readers use to access your site, then Full Frame is a wonderful choice, since it’s perfectly responsive.


And there it is, the basics of Full Frame, which could be great for any sort of photography portfolio site.  For other full screen themes, try this collection.

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Instamate, Gorgeous, Fast Loading WordPress Blog Theme

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Instamate a beautiful portfolio theme

Graph Paper Press has created another big winner.

This theme, Instamate, is a highly flexible portfolio theme that offers unique functions like Instagram support, live customization previews so you can see typography and color choices in real time, without having to commit to saving those changes before you’re ready. Instamate promises to help you build a well designed, attractive and simple blog or portfolio that will have your readers engaged and attentive from the very beginning of their time on your website.

Instamate is a flexible portfolio theme for WordPress with optional Instagram integration support. Instamate offers live theme customization previews so you can change colors, fonts, logos, header images, image orientation, switch between a left or right sidebar, and add custom CSS and preview those changes instantly before saving.

Instamate is perfectly responsive, meaning it looks great on any device.  Why is that important?  Well, responsive designs give a better user experience than a fixed-width site, so more of your readers can access your site from devices like smart phones or iPads.  That flexibility is a key for Google’s ranking algorithm too, so you may see some SERP increases if you switch to a responsive design from a standard website.  Instamate has a live theme customizer, allowing you to change the background color, use a custom header-image and choose from one of hundreds of Google fonts to switch up the typography.  There are options for horizontal, vertical or square thumbnails, which is a pretty cool feature.  You can even integrate Instagram to help promote your photography there.  GraphPaper Press has created a real winner in this theme and it’s easy to see why it’s one of their best sellers.

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WideScreen, Fullscreen Photography and Video Portfolio Theme


If you need a website design that does not completely overshadow your pictures, images, artwork, video clips or other posts, then you want a theme like Widescreen that allows your content to shine through, never taking a backseat to the site design.

This really is one of the simplest, most straightforward portfolio themes out there.  Brought to you by Graph Paper Press, Widescreen is easy to use, easy to customize and it’s attractive to look at.  Maybe not the most feature filled theme, it loads fast and the code isn’t bloated at all.

Widescreen, with it is simple and eye-catching feature posts, can really elevate your website to previously unknown levels too, which is always nice.  Widescreen just gets the job done.

Without making itself the center of attention, Widescreen does everything in it is power to ensure your content is the thing people notice because the carefully crafted layout does everything right, without the extra details that some themes have.  Instead, it is your website’s content which is the thing people take notice of.  When you have big, impactful images to show, you don’t want to mess around with overshadowing that content, you want it to shine.  You want people to really take notice.

That happens with Widescreen.

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Blog – Widescreen(1)

Create webpage templates, add a few widgets like text blocks, subscription forms, pictures and more.   Widescreen is amazingly simple to customize, since every stylistic choice can be made in the Theme Customizer, which is completely integrated into the site.  Want to use a different language than the default English?  Well, you can always translate it into any language you want, which is handy if you’re not catering to an English speaking audience.  You can even add background pictures and custom headers to make the site really look unique.  That makes it straightforward to deliver a web site that feels, looks and acts just like you need it to.

Widescreen is a photography theme for WordPress that features multiple homepage layouts, including a fullscreen slideshow, a homepage video and featured posts.  Ditch your old Flash website for improved SEO results and mobile compatibility.

Now, on to the links.

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Well, it’s been around 16 months since I first reviewed this them, called Sider, so I’ll have another look at it to see if anything has changed.  Well, no, not really to be honest.

Sider WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Sider is a wonderfully well designed, gorgeous looking WordPress portfolio theme, brought to you by GraphPaper Press, and Sider allows you to accomplish practically anything you can possibly imagine. Use Sider to sell digital products online, set up a stylish and professional blog and much more, all with ease and grace, a fantastically well documented and supported theme and more.  This incredibly graceful WordPress template allows you to showcase your photographic artwork, or even graphic design or architectural renderings.  No matter what type of art or craft you’re into, this well built and well appointed portfolio theme can bring your content to life. The design of Sider is incredibly innovative, capturing the imagination of your readers, which helps make a great first impression, which is crucial in developing your business.  You only get one first impression, so let’s make it count, shall we?

Here’s a look at the Sider blog theme.

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Blog – Sider

Sider is incredibly simple to customize, with an unbelievably straightforward approach to making every adjustment you want to the theme, whether you want to fix the footer or header design, add your custom logo file, move around text blocks and widgets or more.  There are countless options to make this theme subtly different and completely unique.  The Sider WP theme integrates with a plugin called ‘Sell Media’, made by GraphPaper Press, which enables you to sell photographs as digital downloads, or prints of your artwork.  Either way, you’ll have a very refined theme to assist you to grow your company. And if you’re not selling photos, that’s fine too, Side allows you to sell a wide variety of projects.  Basically, if it’s digitally downloadable, it’ll look great in an online shop powered by Sider.  JetPack integration means you are able to have a delightful appearing portfolio page too, with a few simple clicks. The best part about JetPack is it is continuously updated and upgraded, so you’re not relying on some code that will go out of style before you even realize it. JetPack FTW!  Customize things like typography, featured content sliders, lightbox galleries and more. Unlimited galleries, together with a purely responsive design, meaning that this theme can definitely help set your work apart, perfectly framing it and revealing how valuable it really is.

Woocommerce, paired with Easy Digital Downloads, allow this magical template to be possible to sell almost any merchandise that is digitally downloadable. That means, you do not have to only sell photography, you could sell music or eBooks as well. Even if you’re giving things away, it is not impossible to set up the product’s cost as ‘free’.  Happily, Sider is not incredibly difficult to tweak, alter and edit to fit the needs of your web site, a variety of functions can be added, removed and changed to suit your business with the handy Theme Options panel, built right in.  GraphPaper press has done everything they can to ensure this theme is easy to use, powerful and good looking too.

Okay, that’s that.  I still really like this theme and maybe you will too?

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Chromatic, Simple WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

Chromatic WordPress portfolio theme

So, we’re back to take another look at Chromatic, from Graph Paper Press.  This theme is ultra simple.  Honestly, it’s going to be too simple, to sparse for some people, but if all you want is to show your images with very little extra to get in the way, this theme does the job wonderfully.

They call Chromantic the ultimate photography WordPress theme for good reason, it’s a wonderful way to sell your images, get noticed by your next client and to showcase your work. The simple design and clear navigation mean it’s easy to focus the attention where it needs to be, on your incredible visual content. Chromatic, from GraphPaper Press, is a delightful choice if you truly believe that your content should come first.

Chromatic WordPress photo blog and portfolio

If you’re looking for a WordPress portfolio theme that will be eye-catching on every size or type of electronic device, then Chromatic has what you’re looking for, 100% responsive design.  This sort of feature is incredibly important these days, some would say it’s crucial, because responsive themes tend to out-rank the equivalent fixed width site, all things being equal.  And your users will appreciate the fact that it is responsive when they try to access your site on a device like an Android or iPhone.  That gives you confidence that you’re delivering the very best user experience you can to every visitor you get.

Chromatic Blog theme

Even though Chromatic is basically a WordPress portfolio theme, it can serve well as a blog too with a variety of post formats, like links, video or audio files, quotes, images and, of course, normal text posts.  Add galleries from one to five images wide, sell photos and prints, not to mention MP3 or eBook files, with the built in Sell Media plugin, made by GraphPaper Press.  All in all, Chromatic is a high powered portfolio theme that can really help give your website a nice, fresh look.

So, there it is, our review of Chromatic.  Solid, dependable, incredibly simple and possibly too simple for some tastes.  Still, worth a look because Graph Paper Press does such a great job coding their themes.

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